Developer (m/w)

Description of Tasks
- Languages & Frameworks:
o Scala
o Testcontainers (
- Platforms:
o Docker
o Kubernetes
o Cumulocity
o TICK (
- Tools:
o Confluence
o Git, GitLab
o IntelliJ
o sbt
o Gradle
- Techniques:
o Test-driven Development
o Tasks-based development
o Iterative Development
o Retrospective
o Agreed Definition of Done
o Code Reviews & Refactorings

o You have a Computer Science / Mathematics degree or at least 2 years of professional experience in software development (preferably Embedded dev)
o You have great OO skills, including design patterns (Java8)
o You have skills developing (micro) services using the Spring Boot or a similar framework (e.g.
o You have a lot of experience with the TDD / modern unit test frameworks
o You have or desire to get experience with functional programming (Scala)
o You have experience with continuous integration & deployment
o You have or desire to get experience with modern cloud platforms (AWS, Azure) and with modern container platforms (e.g. Kubernetes)
o Your oral and written English or German communication skill is good
o You have the experience with agile software development processes
o You love working as part of a self-organising Scrum team in an agile environment

Wie oben beschrieben, werden zu dieser Ausschreibung zwei sehr erfahrene Kandidaten gesucht.

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Start:   01.03.2021
Duration:   30.09.2021