Ihre Aufgaben
We are looking for an experienced / Senior Python Solution Architect, ideally with a strong Data Science background, who will strengthen and guide our team to drive with us the implementation of a statistical data science platform. Your primary focus will be in building and maintaining a communion functions library, develop data migration concepts, define, and implement validation and calculation engines and ensuring we can migrate an entire legacy system. This will include solution design of the underlying data structures and continuous deployment of our services. As member of a team dedicated to innovation, you will have the chance to directly contribute to the future of our products.

- Contribute to an agile international development team
- Implement and deploy scalable & secure Python and R code
- Build fast data storage and processing architectures
- Design and implement robust REST APIs

Fachliche Anforderungen
In general both need to have experiences in:
- Extensive R Development Experience at Production Scale
- R Testing and package development
- Knowledge of modern web development
- Experience in high quality data visualisation (static and interactive)

One developer with specific skills

- Extensive R Shiny Experience
- Profound knowledge of API development in R
- Experience with Deployment of R Shiny Applications and Plumber APIs One developer with specific skills
- Extensive RMarkdown Experience for HTML, PDF and Word Generation.
- Rudimentary Python Knowledge
- Nice to have: Experience with Camunda

Sprachen: Gute Englischkentnisse und gute Deutschkenntnisse sind erforderlich.

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